3 contro 3 o 4 contro 2

Small sided game with free player with fixed roles: red as support to possession team, green as defender and yellow as attacker.

The coach passes the ball to the center red free player who must decide who is the first receiver among blue players on cones (B here); then B must pass the ball to decide who is his teammate (A here).

A can decide to attack the defensive green free player to play 3 vs 3 (A, B and red free player against C, D and defensive green free player – 2 with blue arrows) and the score will have a double value.

Or A can decide to pass the ball to the yellow attacking free player, who can only make wall passes (5) and play 4 vs 2 (A, B, red and yellow free players against C and D – 3 with red arrows) but the goal will be only half point. If defenders win the ball they can attack together to green free player.

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