3 vs 3 and counterattacks


Match 3 vs 3 with 4 outside free players; the pitch is divided in two center parts and two outside zones where two free player are placed in each side.

The game is always played in one of the two center part of the pitch, defending and attacking two small goals.

If the defending team wins the ball (the white players here), a counterattack on the opposite side of the pitch can be carried out, passing the ball to one of the the outside free player couple (to the left reds in the picture) and the free player without the ball can run inside the center pitch .

The team which lost the ball (the yellow one) can’t defend the counterattack; only the free players on the other side, which haven’t received the ball, become defenders; a counterattack 5 vs 2 has bee created.

The scores counts double if they are marked in the opposite little goals from where the outside free player were in possession.

The game continues in the half pitch where the counterattack took place with the team which lost ball as defender team.

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Passing and receiving 5

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