Two players (A and B) must keep the possession inside one of the outside spaces of a square against a first defender (E); they can pass to their third teammate (D), who is placed in the other outside area, only after a fix number of passings (4-5).

D must try to be unmarked and available to receive the ball.

A second defender is placed inside the centre space (C) and he has to close the passing lines and intercept the passings toward D.

If C can receive the pass from the teammates (6), he must keep the possession against the pressure of D and he must pass the ball to A or B (7).

The scores in the mini-goals (9) are valid only if they’re scored by the “third man” who receives (8), while running forward.

If one of the two defenders recovers the possession, D and E can play 2 vs 2 against A and B to score in the mini-goals inside their area.


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