In a pitch with reduced dimensions depending on the skills of the players, a 2 vs 2 is played by A and B against C and D to score in the mini-goals placed at the center.

Two outside players (E and F or G and H, which play 1 vs 1 between them) must be served wide inside both sides (1-3); the second wide player must dribble after receiving (4) or run to receive through the cone’s gate (4) passing the ball back into the center (5) to finish (6).

In the end of each attacking move, the outside players which were in possession of the ball become the defending team (negative transition) of the following turn (7).

The attacking players become the new outside ones and the two prior defenders recover the possession.

If the defending outside players recover the ball during the 1 vs 1 duel, they must pass it to the defenders of the 2 vs 2 duel, which can counterattack directly.


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