PLAYERS AGE: Youth Academy



TECHNICAL: Passing, receiving

PLAYER TACTIC: Escape the marker/marking

SECONDARY OBJECTIVES: Dribbling and feints

EQUIPMENT: cones, balls, bibs and mini goals

SEQUENCE: Two players (A and B) pass the ball between themselves (1-2) in one of the two outer zones of a square space divided into three zones. A third player (D) is playing in the center area, where he is marked by a defender (C) , who must try to put pressure, to close the lines and to win the ball.

D must receive the pass from A and B “on his feet” (3), then turn (4) to finish in one of the mini goals (5-6); or he can receive a deep pass running toward the upper area of ​​the square (7-8-9).

If the defender C wins the ball, he plays 1 vs 2 with A and B in the bottom area to score in the mini goals.


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