PLAYERS AGE: Youth Academy (U16); U18 or First Adult Team

PLAYERS: 10 (2 goalkeepers included


TECHNICAL: Passing, Receiving

PLAYER TACTICS: Escape one’s mark/Man on man marking; Shoot on goal/Goal defense

TEAM TACTICS: Wide play/Placement on the pitch

SECONDARY OBJECTIVES  Runs without the ball/Caution

EQUIPMENT: cones, balls, multi-color vests, regular goals

SEQUENCE: In a small sided pitch, with dimensions which depend on the characteristics of the players, a 2 vs 2 duel is played (A and B against C and D) to score in the goals placed at the center and protected by two goalkeepers.

The two goalkeepers are in possession at the beginning and the coach decides which of them starts the move (1); the other one passes the ball to the coach. The choosed goalkeeper passes the ball to one of the outside free players (1) and the receiver must decide which two players team inside the center part of the pitch must be in possession (2-4).

After a phase of possession, the free wide player with the same color in the opposite side must receive (5) and dribble through the cone’s gate (6) or receive while running without the ball played forward and pass the ball back in the middle (7) to finish (8).

The outside free players must always win a 1 vs 1 duel inside the flanks. In the end the coach passes the ball to the defending team, which can counterattack and play 2 vs 2 against the player in possession before (negative transition) and finish in the opposite goal, after at least one wall pass with an outside defense free player.

The players must change freely and continuously the roles in the exercise at the end of each move.


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