PLAYERS AGE: Youth Academy (U13-U16)



TECHNICAL: Passing, Receiving

PLAYER TACTICS: Escape one’s mark / Man on man marking, Feints, Interception/Anticipation

TEAM TACTICS TACTICAL: Wide play, Cover and Balance, Delay

SECONDARY OBJECTIVES: Dribble, Positive transitions

EQUIPMENT: cones, balls, bibs and mini-goals

SEQUENCE: Two players (A and B) start to pass the ball (1-2) between each other, against an active defender action (D) inside the bigger area of a square space, divided into two zones (with one outer flank).

Two other players, the forward C and the defender and D are placed in the outside flank; the forward must try the loose his marker, following the possession phase of the teammates A and B, receive the ball (3) and finish in one of the two mini-goals of that side (4).

The defender must try to put pressure, closing the passing lines and intercept the ball; if he recovers the possession (5), he must try to finish in the opposite mini-goal (6). If the outnumbered player D wins the ball, he must pass it to his teammate E, who plays 1 vs 1 as well.