PLAYERS AGE: Youth academy (U13 – U16) – Adult team and U19 warm-up



TECHNICAL: Passing, Receiving, Oriented Control

PLAYER TACTICS: Mobility principles of play

SECONDARY OBJECTIVE: Rhythmicity and contemporaneity

EQUIPMENT: cones and balls

SEQUENCE: The players in possession A and B placed on the lower cones of the square play wall passings (1-2) with the teammates E and F, placed on the upper cones. Then A and B play diagonal passings (3) to the “third man” on the opposite upper cones (A to F and B to E) after an oriented control of the return pass.

E and F must pass back to C and D (4), which are placed opened as a lower vertexes and which then play with A and B, which must run as upper vertexes (5); C and D receive the return pass (6) and start the sequence again.

The players on the upper cones at the beginning must run to the lower ones, and the players who have played as upper vertexes substitute them on the upper cones.


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