PLAYERS AGE: U16-U18 – First Team



TECHNICAL: Passing, Receiving, Dribble

PLAYER TACTICS: Escape one’s mark / Man on man marking, Finishing, Interception/Anticipation, Goal Defense

TEAM TACTICS: Possession, Create Space, Creativity, Cover and Balance, Delay, Negative Transitions


EQUIPMENT: cones, balls, bibs and mini-goals

SEQUENCE: Two teams (blues and whites) of six each play a small sided game in a pitch divided in three areas, trying to escape the defenders mark in the center area and to score in the little goals in the end zone.

All the players of the team in possession (blues in the picture) must play the ball alternating the passings between the defending third (where players are free from pressure) and the middle third area where the players must receive dismarked from defenders at least twice.

The third player in the middle third area can receive and run inside the final third to play 3 vs 3 together with the other two teammates against three defenders of the white team to score in the mini-goals.

Watch the article of this first part here.

When the attacking team is placed in the final third (1 – 2) to play 3 vs 3 and their teammates are placed in the middle third, following the move, the coach pass the ball to the three white players of the defending team there to counterattack (3-7) and finish (8); the three players of the attacking team in the middle third must play a negative transition to defend in a new 3 vs 3 duel.