PLAYERS AGE: Youth Academy (U16-U19)




PLAYER TACTICS: Finishing, Shoot on goal, Marking

TEAM TACTICS: Creativity, Team Finishing, Goal Defense

SECONDARY OBJECTIVES: Timings of play, Attack the 2nd time of the ball

EQUIPMENT: cones, balls, bibs, mini-goal and regular goal

SEQUENCE: 7 players carry out an exercise, at first without opponents and then with active defenders and goalkeeper to coach the header inside a space corresponding to the width of the penalty area with a flank included and 20-25 m length.

A is placed on the left of the penalty area and he throws the ball to B (1), who must header freely to score in the mini-goal in front of him (2).

C, who is placed in the centre and just outside the penalty area, passes the ball toward A in the deep space of the flank (3), and A must send the ball with a cross pass toward the penalty area to finish.

B, C and D must attack the goal, running toward different positions inside the penalty area, and trying to win the second times of the ball if the defenders clean the area.

The outside back (E) can decide whether to attack the outside forward or to save the space in the box and mark an opponent. All the players must play all the roles of the exercise.


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