PLAYERS AGE: Youth academy (U13 – U16); Adult team and U19 warm up



TECHNICAL: Passing, Receiving, Oriented Control, Dribbling

PLAYER TACTICS: Mobility principles of play

SECONDARY OBJECTIVE: Rhythmicity and contemporaneity

EQUIPMENT: cones and balls

SEQUENCE: The two players A and B are in possession of the ball on the lower cones of the square and they play wall passings (1-2) with the teammates E and F placed on the upper cones. After an oriented control of the back pass, they pass the ball diagonal (3) towards the “third men” on the opposite upper cones (A to F and B to E).

E and F transmit respectively to C and D (4), which open by acting as a low vertices and then play the ball forward to A and B, while they are running toward the center of the square (5). A and B dribble the ball to the upper vertex (6) and after a change of direction, they pass to the players on the lower cones C and D, which start the sequence again.

The players on the upper cones at the beginning must run to the lower ones, and the players which dribble the ball must replace them on the upper cones.