PLAYERS AGE: Youth Academy (U16-U18) – First Adult Team



TECHNICAL: Passing, Receiving

PLAYER TACTICS: Escape one’s mark / Man on man marking, Feints, Interception/Anticipation, Shoot on goal

TEAM TACTICS: Wide play, Cover and Balance, Delay

SECONDARY OBJECTIVES: Dribble, Positive transitions

EQUIPMENT: cones, balls, bibs and regular goals

SEQUENCE:The coach decides who is the goalkeeper who must start the exercise and he passes to two one of the player of the attacking team (A and B – 1); the other goalkeeper is the defending one. A and B play 2 vs 1 (2-3) against an active defender (D) inside the bigger area of a square space, divided in two areas (with one outer flank).

Two other players, the forward C and the defender and D, are placed in the outside flank; the forward must try the loose his marker, following the possession phase of the teammates A and B, receive the ball (4) and send a cross pass back (5) to A and B to finish (6).

The defender must try to put pressure, closing the passing lines and intercept the ball; if he recovers the possession, he can try to finish in the opposite mini-goal (7) or passing toward his teammate D (8) who must finish in the opposite regular goal (9).

If the outnumbered player D wins the ball, he must try to score in the regular goal from where the exercise started.


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