PLAYERS AGE: Youth Academy (U14-U18)



TECHNICAL: Passing, Receiving, Dribble

PLAYER TACTICS: Escape one’s mark / Man on man marking, Shoot on goal Pressure, Interception

TEAM TACTICS: Numerical advantage, Cover and Balance, Goal Defense


EQUIPMENT: cones, balls, bibs; mini-goals

SEQUENCE: Two teams (reds and whites) are divided into four 2 vs 2 duels inside a space, divided into two numbered main areas; the dimensions depends on age and level of the players. Three yellow-blacks free players “run” between the areas 1 and 2, placing on the pitch not being in three inside the same “sub-area” and creating numerical superiority situations for the team in possession; only one duel remains with equal number of players.

The duration of the numerical advantage in each zone depends on the time set by the coach (ex. 10 sec); then the free players must change area and they must leave free the square with the called number.

The goals worths double if they are scored inside the area with lower numerical advantage (2 against 2 + 1), and with a fast build up of the move inside the area with bigger numerical advantage (2 against 2 + 2); the goals scored while the duels are 4 vs 4 worth one point. The final result is the sum of all the goals in the two main areas.