First step of the series: warm-up phase.

I think my players like this exercise (and its progressions), if I pay attention on how they work on it and how they seem to have fun too.

I always divide the whole team in two groups since the beginning of the session, and when the team is complete, I use two free players for one group.

When this exercise has been carried out for the first time, I ran some preparatory sequences:

  • handball passings with one ball, indicating when to change the color
  • handball passings with two balls
  • move before and after the pass, changing the positions within the area
  • ground passing with feet
  • dribble the ball (3/4 touches) after receiving the ball
  • move before and after the pass, changing the positions within the area

This is a possession game as warm-up, with a first “non-competitive” phase, where both the teams have the possession of the ball.

The three players of one color, while they are placed in the outer areas of the pitch (the dimensions depend on the level and the age),

they must pass or dribble the ball as they want to, but always moving without the ball before and after.

They must then pass the ball toward the couple of players of the same color, inside the opposite outer part of the pitch, passing through the center free player.

The same sequence has to be carried out by the players of the other color, trying not to pass the ball to the free player at the same time.

The center player can be field player, or a goalkeeper who can play the ball with hands.

U14 – U18

11 players (10 field players and 1 goalkeeper)


Passing, Receiving, dribbling

Free from the marker

Keep the possession

Goalkeeper basic technique

cones, balls, bibs

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