Second exercise of the series about 1 v 1 duels developed entirely on the rhombus.

We start to coach decision making processes and the speed of reaction of the players to understand the role and to play as attacker or defender

An individual phase of transition to attack or to defend is now important after the recovery of the possession in two ways:

  • Counter attack after a triangle passing sequence to keep the possession
  • 1 v 1 duel after receiving from the teammate who won the ball

The objectives are always to coach the offensive phase, trying to finish as soon as possible, under two different types of defense pressure, related to the development of the moves:

  • the defender is on late and he recovers the space from one side (the attacker is already in possession)
  • the defender is marking before the ball is received (the attacker is not in possession yet)
  • the defender must play 1 v 1 against a different opponent as individual negative transition phase

3 players are placed on 3 of 4 cones of a rhombus. A goal is placed on the upper cone with a goalkeeper.

The goalkeeper decides who is the receiver between the outer players (2 and 7); 2 in the picture.

The receiver must pass the ball back toward the center player (4),

who plays a 1 v 1 duel against the outer player who didn’t receive the first pass and who must recover the space.

If the defender (7) recovers the possession, he must play a wall passing combination with the first receiver (2) and he can shoot on goal only after the return pass .

The defender (4) is now marking the forward on, without the ball at the beginning and he can try to intercept the ball to try to attack again.

Variation: if the defender (7) recovers the ball, he must pass toward the first outer player (2), who plays a 1 v 1 duel against the center player (4).

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U13 – U14

4 players (3 field players and 1 goalkeeper)


Passing, Receiving

Feint, Free from the marker; Mark the man on, Interception, Transitions



cones, balls, regular goal

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