Second step of the 5 v 5 + goalkeepers series, which is often the second phase of a training session. The goal is to answer some questions I often ask myself, preparing the workouts:

How to work on directed possessions games? How to make the game situations different? How to coach the fast and direct possession of the ball and the attack of the depth, keeping the balance among attacking and defending players?

The basic structure is a rectangle with regular goals and divided into 3 areas; two goal areas and one center one.

This second phase where active 3 v 2 + goalkeepers duels are played in the final third of the opponents, works on fast and pressure-free build up from the back (2 against 0), on the finsihing stage of the moves (3 v 2 and the goalkeepers) and on counterattacks if the ball is won by the defenders or saved by the goalkeepers.

6 players for each team are placed inside a rectangular set-up that is divided again into 3 areas; 2 goal areas and 1 center area, where each team is placed with 1 goalkeeper, 2 players in the goal area and 3 center area. Both goalkeepers are in possession of the ball and they start the moves.

The goalkeepers pass ball to the defenders and they must send it toward the 3 team mates in the center, after a passing combination between them.

The center players must attack the goal and finish the move after a cross pass or a killer pass in the final third, playing 3 v 2 defenders and the goalkeeper.

If the defenders win the ball or the goalkeeper saves, they can pass it toward the forwards to shoot on goal again.

Rule: the center players must pass the ball among them inside the center area before attacking the opposition’s defenders

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U14 – U16

12 players (10 field players and 2 goalkeepers)


Passing, Receiving

Shoot on goal

Mobility, Depth Play

Build up from the back, Goal defense

cones, balls, regular goals

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