Fourth step of the 5 v 5 + gks progression; possession game, with a first phase without pressure to build up and to play out quickly, and a second phase with alternate 3 v 2 attacks, second times of the ball, counter pressing and counter attacks.

6 players for each team are placed inside a rectangular set-up that is divided again into 3 areas; 2 goal areas and 1 center area, where each team is placed with 1 goalkeeper, 2 players in the goal area and 3 in the center area. Both the goalkeepers are in possession of the ball and they start the moves at the same time, passing the ball to the teammates in the middle area.

The center players must attack the opposition goal, playing out freely, and finishing the move after a cross pass or a killer pass in the final third, playing 3 v 2 defenders and the goalkeeper.

If the defenders win the ball or the goalkeeper saves, they can pass it toward the forwards to counter attack on the other side, playing again 3 v 2, running up the field to stay placed in the middle area to win the second times of the ball or the wandering balls.

Variation: the forwards of the defending team can run back in the middle area to create numerical advantage 3 v 2 and to counter attack again if the team wins the ball.

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U14 – U16

12 players (10 field players and 2 goalkeepers)


Passing, Receiving

Escaper the marker

Counter attack

Play out quickly, Win the second time of the ball

cones, balls, bibs, regular goals

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