I ran this possession practice in the first session of this current season, jus after the warm-up phase.

The objective (among others) of this second season as U15 coach is to make the possession phase more concrete and effective and to try to reach the finishing phase many more times than the last season, when the volume of possession didn’t always lead to concrete scoring chances creation .

Since the first session we are trying to speed up the movement of the ball, to play vertical passes as soon as possible, and to attack the depth both through the center and from the flanks towards the opponent’s goal.

This simple possession practice, however, it coaches a very important principle of play to follow: 1 point  is won by the team that allows all the players to touch the ball with the fewest number of passing / receiving possible.

Another important feature is that the possession phase of this practice has always a direction of play.

Last but not leats, to escape the marker and mobility are fundamental.

Two teams of 5 players each are placed on a field of 30 x 20 m (4 mins work, 3 series – 2 mins. active rest) and they are positioned as follow:

  • the yellow/blue team is placed with 2 midfielders and 3 forwards
  • the team in black jersey is placed with 1 midfielder, 3 advanced players and 1 forward

All the available players took part, in turn, to the exercise, beyond the specific role.

3 were the variations of the practice:

  • Ball possession to make everyone touching the ball with the least number of passing/receiving
  • Directed possession to get to the end zone, with all the players having touched the ball at least one time and with the least number of passings possible
  • Possession to shoot on goal with all the players having touched the ball at least one time and with the least number of passings possible (1 more point is added to the one of the scored goal)

The main objective, as mentioned above, is to develop a fast, effective possession phase, training the skills to be placed and positioned with the right angle, according to the next action and to the finising phase.


10 players


Passing, Receiving

Escape the marker

Efficacy of ball possession


cones, balls, bibs, mini goals

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