Finishing phase, creation of a strong side (area) and exploit the opposition weak one, or high defensive pressure on the field and overload the ball area to recover the possession…

This exercise is another of the “team tactics” practices I ran during the first two weeks of “pre-season training sessions” with my U15 team.

In this exercise some basic concepts for the possession and non possession phases are coached:

  • With possession: control the ball
  • With possession: creation of a strong side (or area) to move the opposing pressure lines
  • With possession: exploit the weak side to finish
  • Without possession: high pressure, overload the area to recover the possession

The players are coached within game situations that could occur during the matches:

  • 3 v 3 on the right side (strong side) at the beginning
  • 1 v 1 on the opposite side (weak side)
  • back passes to finish inside the penalty area
  • recovery of the possession after 1 v 1 duel
  • quick combinations to counterattack

14 players are placed within a quarter field, divided into three parts vertically; the exercise is then a 7 + gk v 6 match.

The attacking team places 4 players in the center area in a diamond shape and 2 outer players; the objective is to create a strong side (or zone), to keep the possession and move the opposition defensive pressure line, then to finish the move through the weak side, after receiving the ball sent by the goalkeeper towards the central midfielder, .

The defensive team is placed in a line of 4 back players, 3 midfielders and the goalkeeper; 2 defenders and 3 midfielders are placed in the central area at the beginning. The objectives are to overload the ball area and to cover of the weak side, to look for possession recovery for a fast counterattack toward the small goal on the opposite end line.


14 players (1 goalkeeper)



Control the ball under pressure / Tackle-Interception

Create a strong side and exploit the opposition weak one / Overload the ball area

Counter attacks

cones, balls, bibs, mini goal

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