The main objective of this exercise is the technical development of the players to make the ball distribution effective, through a 5 + 1 v 4 rondo.

The pentagon structure helps the players to be positioned on different passing lines (on the cones as vertexes of the structure), alternating horizontal, diagonal and vertical passes (moreover about the player in the middle).

After a first “waiting phase“, when the ball must move among the 4 players along the lower part of the shape, the possession phase must be performed as fast as possible, to try to pass to the teammate in the middle, who is outnumbered and who must receive and play vertically as quickly as possible.

Freeing from the marker and receiving between the lines are so important then.

The sequence always starts from the 4 players on the lower cones of the “pentagon”

5 players are placed on the cones of a pentagon as in the picture; a sixth outnumbered teammate plays in the middle against 4 defenders.

The goal, as we found out, after a ball distribution phase, is to receive in the middle and between the lines, to try to play vertically as quick as possible. The change of the rhythm of possession is therefore very important.

If the ball can’t be played vertically due to the opposition pressure, or closure of the passing lines, the center player must pass the ball back toward one of the teammates on the lower part of the shape.
The upper vertex player must then receive the ball after a wide combination to overcome the opposition pressure.
If the defenders win the possession (and not if they only counter or rebound the ball), a  4 v 6 game is then created inside the shape, to coach the ball possession under pressure and the counter-pressing to look for an immediate ball recovery .

I ran this practice dividing the team into two groups of 10 players each, as a warm-up phase, and before a position game that will be one of the next articles.
When the goalkeepers (divided into two groups) took part as center players, they could dive, looking for the anticipation against the defenders and taking the ball in hand to pass outside.
The side length of the pentagon, can be between 10 and 15 m., in my opinion.


10 players (1 goalkeeper)



Receive between the lines

Play vertically / Pressure and closure of passing lanes

Transition to attack and possession

cones, balls, bibs

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