Passionate football coach always trying to improve knowledge and skills of the most interesting sport ever.

More than 16 years of experience as youth players coach of all ages from U6 to U19. Assistant coach of adult teams for a couple of seasons.

Founder of, website of free contents for football coaches. Articles and video analysis producer, books writer and translator from English to Italian and vice versa.

My goal is to be part of an international football (soccer) academy, organization or team to work on field every day.

I think youth soccer is the best for me, rather than adult teams. The children/boys ages really don’t mind, or anyway, it is not the main problem, by my side.

I like to stay on the pitch, first of all. Maybe boys soccer could be better to me, because of my history; but I may even learn how to work with girls too. 


2018-2019 Head coach of U15 and U8 Ac Colorno (Parma, Italy)
2017-2018 Head coach of U13 and U14 Ac Colorno (Parma, Italy)
2016-2017 Head coach of U14B team Ac Colorno (Parma, Italy)
2015-2016 Head coach of U14 team Asdb Langhiranese (Parma, Italy)
2014-2015 Assistant coach of U17 and Adult team Asdb Langhiranese (Parma, Italy)
2013-2015 Head coach of U14 team Gs Mercury (Parma, Italy)
2013-2014 Assistant coach Gs Mercury (Parma, Italy)
2012-2013 Head coach of U17 team Gs. Mercury (Parma, Italy)
2011-2012 Head coach of U7 team Gs Mercury (Parma, Italy)
2005-2011 Head coach of U7 – U13 teams Gs Mercury (Parma, Italy)
2002-2005 Assistant Coach of U8-U9-U10 teams Gs Mercury (Parma, Italy)

From 2017: Consultant for individual technique and player tactics and graphic content creator for Erreà Academy/Project Sport Consulting


2015 Coerver Coaching 3rd level
2014 Coerver Coaching 2nd level
2012 UEFA B Diploma
2011 Coerver Coaching 1st level
2006 Coni – Figc Diploma   


“Building up from the back – Exercises 2”. World Class Coaching (USA – 2018)

“Building up from the back – Exercises 1”. World Class Coaching (USA – 2018)

“Building up from the back”. World Class Coaching (USA – 2018)

“Tactical series: Pep Guardiola”. World Class Coaching (USA – 2018)

“Tactical series – Pep Guardiola (Attacking)”. World Class Coaching (USA – 2018)

“Tactical series-Pep Guardiola (Defending)”. World Class Coaching (USA – 2018)

“From rondos to real games”. World Class Coaching (USA – 2018)

“30 finishing rondos”. World Class Coaching (USA – 2018)

“30 transition rondos”. World Class Coaching (USA – 2018)

“35 possession rondos”. World Class Coaching (USA – 2018)

“Win with defending pressure”. World Class Coaching (USA – 2018)

“Advanced Shooting and Finishing Volume 3”. World Class Coaching (USA – 2018)

“Winning With Inverted Fullbacks – Attacking”. World Class Coaching (USA – 2018)

“Winning With Inverted Fullbacks- Defending”. World Class Coaching (USA – 2018)

“Individual and Small Group Defense”. Institute of Youth Soccer (Germany – 2017)

“Scoring Goals from High Pressure Defending”. World Class Coaching (USA – 2017)

“A Quick Guide to the 1-4-3-3”. World Class Coaching (USA – 2017)

“Advanced Shooting and Finishing Volume 1”. World Class Coaching (USA – 2017)

“Advanced Shooting and Finishing Volume 2”. World Class Coaching (USA – 2017)

“One Setup training Sessions”. World Class Coaching (USA – 2016)

“Advanced player tactics and possession games pack”. Coaches Training Room (USA – 2016)

“The Thinking Player”. Institute of Youth Soccer (Germany – 2016)

“Create Finishing Chances and Score”. Institute of Youth Soccer (Germany – 2016)

TRANSLATIONS (from english to italian)

Tactical Periodization – A proven successful training model” ( – Uk / – Italy)

Marcelo Bielsa – Coaching Build Up Play Against High Pressing Teams” ( – Uk / – Italy)

Coaching Transition Play” ( – Uk / – Italy)

FC Barcelona Training Sessions – 160 Practices from 34 Tactical Situations” ( – Uk / – Italy)


Computer skills

Session planner Software Soccer Sketch, Planet Training, Easy sport Graphics, Easy animation, Train Me by Campetti, Tacticalpad, Soccer Manager by Soccer Tutor, Touchtight session planner, Academy Soccer Coach Uk
Video editing Imovie, Adobe Premiere
Text editing Adobe Illustrator, In Design, Word,
Tactical Analysis Longo Match (basic level)

Language skills

Mother tongue: Italian

Other languages: English


(listening, reading)

Speaking Writing
B2 Intermediate C1 Adavanced C1 Advanced


I read soccer training books and sportmen bio every day, I search training resources daily from web, facebook and all other possible ways. I look for every single possible soccer match. I love travelling.