2 vs 2 + double 1 vs 1: wide play and negative transitions (2)

6 vs 6 with goalkeepers to build from the back and finish

2 vs 2 + 1 to build from the back and 3 vs 3 for center players inside runs

Multidirectional 3 vs 3 with free players and goalkeepers


3 zones small sided game; in the end zones two goalkeepers must defend two different little goals and in the center a 3 vs 3 (whites vs reds) with two free players of different colours (yellow and blue) is carried out.

Scores are valid only if the team with possession as played a wall pass or at least one pass with both the free players; the direction of attacks depends on position of the body of receiver and attackers and available space (black and red); the blue free player, for example, can pass to the third white player toward both directions.

The defending team can try to win the ball back only inside the center space.

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